Efficient retail management

The Store Lifecycle Tool enables companies the efficient management of the complete lifecycle of projects, shops and sales space. In this context, the Store Lifecycle Tool covers all areas, from the opening of shops to their equipping with specific promotional materials, to the complete planning and roll-out of advertising campaigns.

Store Lifecycle Tool

The Store Lifecycle Tool is a web based tool, designed for retail management needs.

The Store Lifecycle Tool saves all essential information for each project, store or sales area, and stores such data.

It is an ideal addition to your existing ERP system in order to archive and exchange all available data. The dynamic ports facilitate the direct synchronisation of important data with the system.

The Store Lifecycle Tool is an all encompassing tool for the store‘s lifecycle. It covers all areas, ranging from the establishment of a store to its furnishing with promotional materials, up to the full planning and roll-out of entire campaigns.

The Store Lifecycle Tool provides an ideal cross-company and -location tool for working Teams.

Unique & efficient

Efficiency of sales is a major theme in the field of retail – especially when it is necessary to organise and manage supra-regional or global sales space. With the Store Lifecycle Tool, Syreta can offer a software tool that is unique in the market. The web-based programme is specially aligned to the requirements of retail management.

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What does the Store Lifecycle Tool do?

Due to the decentralised management and short paths, the data quality was increased enormously

Due to the centrally available database, all employees have access to the data

Instead of individual XLS, only depth data is stored in the central database

With just a few mouse clicks, data can now be found and listed

Using the search and export functions, budgets and reports can now be compiled quickly and easily

Up to 60% reduction in the data preparation and ordering process in the case of seasonal changes

Production errors were able to be lowered on average from 5% to below 1%.

Reduction of administrative effort through future use of the integrated e-shop

The costs of orders can be called up quickly and easily per country or store

Due to the integration of the Store Lifecycle Tool, the processes have been analysed, adapted and improved

Save annually at least EUR 63 per store!

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