Store Development


Store Development


The opening of a store is pending – all project steps, orders and responsibilities must be organised in order to be able to meet the schedule.

The Store Development Tool makes the process easier by providing information about the current status, need for action and next steps– fully automated! The project calendar provides a quick overview. Delays are automatically displayed. The defined users can send messages, reminders or current lists by e-mail. All data are completely documented. 
Extensive detailed information about the stores is retained and made usable through the logical link with the Store Management Tool.


and documentation

This tool is a store development aid for project managers. It monitors process steps and keeps the responsible user up to date on progress and the next steps, ensuring you have all projects under control. The system tells you if action is needed; otherwise, the process proceeds automatically up to the store launch.
Quick breakdown of project progress in the project calendar. Delays are shown automatically and reminder e-mails sent to those responsible.


Efficient store launch process

Defining standards before the opening is the basis for securing effi cient processes in the long term.


Clear competencies - all store players are automatically assigned tasks. The history saves all actions in the store launch process, providing absolute transparency.


More output - linking the process tool to store management provides comprehensive, detailed information on your stores.


Improved time management - task and milestone mapping, plus automatic reminders, keeps you on track for deadlines. 

Administration panel for process templates, allocate processes to store profile fields and regions, dynamic form fields and field type, interface for article management, documents and store profile, reminder function

Xtra Messages and communication tools, history overview

Calendrical overview of process steps, Drag-and-Drop function, full screen mode, fit to screen mode, recursive calculation (opening day -> process start)

Statistics and analysis, monitoring, automatic Reports per E-Mail

Based on templates (country, storetype, etc.), you can easily create and execute biddings. The statistics allow you to compare the individual offers quickly and easily. After completion of the tender, the bids are converted into orders and are also available in the CCT (Cost Cockpit).

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