Store Operations


Store Operations


A new campaign is rolled out and the advertising media must be simultaneously exchanged in all stores. The campaign tool is employed here. Due to the current inventory list which is stored in the Store Management Tool, the system automatically calculates a placement list. Promotional items (posters, stand-up displays, etc.) can be ordered in a decentralised manner, while manual changes are stored and documented. The central data management minimises sources of error such as false order quantities or misunderstandings with regard to responsibilities.

The result: the time-to-market phase is significantly curtailed due to clear planning and order lists. You also have much less effort in the back office, you are directly connected with the suppliers and obtain complete transparency with regard to orders, delivery status and complaints.



With the “Campaign Management Tool” you can easy manage your merchandise items. The system creates a automated bulk list with POP-articles are in line with the fi xtures in the store - that way you minimize false orders Regional users can make a bulk („batch”) order for several stores. So the user doesn’t need to order for each store. Another benefit is,  that a regional user gets a quick overview about the missing orders. Afterwards the bulk order can be done.


Save time and money

Automated processes and direct links to suppliers prevent faulty or incorrect deliveries and save time in roll-out.

Save money

Optimise your advertising campaigns and save the costs of incorrect orders.

Minimal time to market

shorten promotional material supply processes with rapid and simple campaign planning and roll-out.

Greater efficiency

cut your back office costs with direct links to suppliers. Automatic exchange of order, delivery status and complaints information and data.

Campaign calendar, statistics and reporting, availability and timelines, allocation of user to campaigns for workflows, visualization with calendar screens, budget- and time management and approval processes

Drag and drop function, tools for central and decentral ordering, import of pre-selected data, dynamic rules for an automatic mounting, visualization through displaying of product photos, search and filter functions, take over of pre selected data

simple changing of values in the result list ,history of changes in the result list, automatic take over of amounts, displaying and archiving of orders incl. order status, claim management for incorrect orders, XLS export functions, Value lists for planning and controlling

Organized communication for creating and sharing of graphics. Based on the inventory article, the system creates a list (dimensions, language, zone and material) with the required graphics. Using the approval process and statistics, so you have always an overview.

Make your graphics or advertising catalog online available to your VMs or partners. The system automatically sends a message to the responsible persons. By simply selecting the inventory items the appropriate graphics can be selected. In Campaign Management, you always have an overview of the current order progress.

Administration panel for report templates, allocate reports to recipients and store profile fields, mailing lists, multi–language, search and filter functions, statistics and analysis, reports saved as PDF, upload pictures to report, image gallery with filter tools

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